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This company was established in January of 1967 with the aim of producing various printing equipments to satisfy customer demands, from complex designs, color separation, pre-printing work, printing procedures, post-printing touches, and other related professional work. With experienced professional staff, we provide our customers with high quality and high performance environment systems for production, which mainly includes magazines, books, indices, calendars, notebooks, business cards, web-publishing, and various other types of printing.

Since the printing procedures require an integration of various technologies, the printing methods are more complex, and require experienced and trained professionals to work the high-tech equipment to provide such services. This company has been established for over 40 years, and the accumulated professionalism and experience in various printing methodologies and technologies are key advantages to the foundation of the company.

From the production trends, the future literature publishing needs will increase the demands for paper printing, and with such a potent market, this company has expansive rooms for future growth.

What Makes Prince Color Printing Unique?

• Choice Choose the right printing company and professional staff for high-quality, low cost, and high-performance services for your printing needs.

• Compatibility Your printing files will be compatible with various operating platforms and formats.

• Versatile Goal In both print publishing and editing touches, we have to save you time and money.

• Solution At Prince Color Printing we provide you a complete package of services and queries to bring out the low-cost and high quality masterpieces. 

Allowing your work to be shown in its perfection is the pride of us all at Prince Color Printing!
The three main goals at Prince have long been to standardize the quality, modernize the equipment, and digitize the management;

1) Quality Standardization: Import new knowledge and technologies, and invite scholars and experts of the field to give seminars and training sessions pertaining to the latest developments from time to time. Scheduled work in the morning includes output volume inspection that must be validated before production begins, and high-precision measuring equipment for standardizing the quality.

2) Equipment Modernization: From the earliest manual color separation to the purchase of digital separation, color separation, paging system, separation system, plate output equipment, and CTP publishing equipment, Prince has always been at the frontline of the printing industry. Our hopes are to use the most advanced technologies to service the community, as well as providing the most complete services to the world of literature.

3) Management Digitization: From creating and publishing the work sheet, in-house printing quality and efficiency control, and administrative procedures are all completely controlled by computer systems to effectively enhance the internal work procedure, proficiency, and accuracy.


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